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Swatch + Promo packs

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Swatch + Promo packs

Swatch + Promo packs

£10.00 was £25

Publisher: Minerva Tabletop Games

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Swatch + Promo packs

Mix and match colours in a race to create stunning colour schemes. Draft cards, manage resources and balance speed and efficiency in Swatch!

You are an artist, mixing and matching colours in a contest to create the winning colour scheme and impress the bosses of Mix Inc., the company responsible for the hottest colour trends in the design industries. Can you perform under pressure and compete with the other artists to be the first to finish your scheme?

Swatch is a tabletop game for 1-4 players. In Swatch players draft cards that collect and trade colour tokens to make swatch cards and create their colour scheme. The first player to complete their scheme with the least colour tokens left is the winner!

Simple Rules, Satisfying Depth - Turns are made up of easy-to-learn actions, ideal for new or younger players, but still offers tactical depth and rewards skill, allowing experienced players or fans of 'heavier' euro-style games to optimise their choices.

High Replayability - 800 possible colour combinations and 14 different scheme types means that you should never create the same colour scheme twice and will keep your opponents guessing. Pick your favourite colours and start mixing!

Solo Mode - Take on your rival Paint-Slinging Poppy, a challenging A.I. opponent with variable difficulties, and put your mixing skills to the test in the 1-player version of Swatch designed by David Digby (Chocolate Factory, Alley Cat Games).

Colourblind Accessible - Designed and playtested with colourblind players, double-coded cards (colour and shape/or text) and specially designed trackers mean that you never have to rely solely on the colour of a card or component to enjoy the game.

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