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Maple Valley KS Edition


Maple Valley KS Edition

Maple Valley KS Edition


Publisher: KTBG Burnt Island Game

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Maple Valley KS Edition

The Maple Valley Kickstarter edition comes with 2 mini-expansions packaged inside the box as well as many wooden resources and Game Trayz inserts.

On the day when the last snowflake of winter has melted away, all of the critters emerge from their cozy homes to celebrate...and that day is today! Maple Valley's annual Spring Festival is a gathering of friends welcoming the warm months ahead, and you don't have a lot of time to prepare!

While the adults get the village into shape, the youngest (and swiftest) forest animals from each den are sent scrambling through the blossoming woods, completing the last-second tasks that will make the Festival a success. The trails aren't always clear; you'll need to climb, swim, and dig your way to the most bountiful groves, forage for fresh spring ingredients to help villagers complete their errands, and unearth curiosities that will attract skillful scouts to your growing team. The sun will set before you know it; will it be your hard work that makes this year's Festival the best one ever?

Set in the delightful world of Creature ComfortsMaple Valley is a game of traveling trails, finding friends, and celebrating new beginnings for 1-5 critters.

Feathered Friends Mini-Expansion - gives you a whole new way to travel around the board and do actions in different ways. Mix into the Friends deck and make a pile of feathers. They don't use the trails to travel, each one describes how it moves. Each one also has a powerful ability that you activate in addition to activating the location you arrive at. Whenever you arrive at a location with any feathers, gather them for free. Feathers could as wild curiosities.

Roaming Raven Mini-Expansion - The raven is an independent pawn that roams the valley. Whenever you travel to the Raven's location via a trail (never a zoom), you can make one free trade - any resource for any other! Then the raven exits the location along the trail you entered.

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