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Arborea Deluxe Kickstarter Edition


Arborea Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

Arborea Deluxe Kickstarter Edition


Publisher: Alley Cat Games

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Arborea Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

With Exclusive Midnight River Expansion, Deluxe Components and Extras
1-5 players / 90-120mins / 14+

Once in a millennia Abrorea begins anew, and as a guiding spirit you’ll oversee the growth of this realm into a new and prosperous ecosystem.

In this worker placement game for 1-5 players, you are a Patron Spirit, guiding your villagers to heal and grow the landscape around them.

Includes all Kickstarter Content:

  • Arborea Base Game
  • Exclusive Midnight River Expansion
  • Premium Punchboard Insert
  • Wooden Spirit, Time, and Score Counters
  • Guardian Overlay Tiles
  • Winds of Change Mini Expansion


    Arborea is a worker placement game where time, and planning ahead, is key.

    During the game, Players will place workers on Action Tracks. These tracks will then advance, moving all workers with them. The farther the Action Tracks move, the better the Rewards gained when workers are activated.

    Players use these Rewards to build their personal Ecosystem and collect Victory Points. The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game is the winner.

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