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Iron Forest KS Edition


Iron Forest KS Edition

Iron Forest KS Edition



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Iron Forest KS Edition

FREE GIFT: Locked stretch goal - Loot Box mini expansion!

-Power-Up card: Barricade

-Power-Up card: Proximity Mine

-Scenario: Misfortune or Favor

-Scenario: Project Aegis

-Mini Expansion: 2 x Bombshells

-Mini Expansion: Solo Mode

-Free for all game mode for up to 8 players

-ICECOOL + Iron Forest Mashup scenario

-Mechaball scenario

-Mecha special ability cards

Enough to sleeve the whole game and then some more. Sleeves with this design are not going to be reprinted.

3 packs of custom sleeves:

-50 Iron Force sleeves

-50 Animal Clans

-50 Power-Up card sleeves

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