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Hanamikoji Everything Bundle + Bookcase


Hanamikoji Everything Bundle + Bookcase

Hanamikoji Everything Bundle + Bookcase


Publisher: EmpororS4

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Hanamikoji Everything Bundle + Bookcase

For the Noble Patrons of all the Geisha!

Get both games and the expansions altogether in one place as well as stretch goals related to them!



Hanamikoji: Geisha's Road

Collector's Bookcase

Hanamikoji: Action Tiles Expansion (1~7)

Welcome to the most famed Geisha street in the old capital, Hanamikoji. Geishas are elegant and graceful women who are skilled in art, music, dance, and a variety of performances and ceremonies. Greatly respected and adored, Geishas are masters of entertainment.

In Hanamikoji, two players compete to earn the favor of seven illustrious Geishas by collecting each Geisha’s preferred performance item. With careful speculation and a few bold moves, can you outsmart your opponent to win the favor of the most Geishas?

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